Fun multi-skills sports classes for 2 to 4 years
 Fun multi-skills sports classes for 2 to 4 years

Health, Safety & Safeguarding

We take the Health, Safety and Welfare of everyone involved very seriously. Below are some of the more obvious hazards associated with our classes and the site. We create and share more detailed risk assessments for sessions that lie outside of our normal activities.


  • Children should be supervised by their Parent / Guardian at all times, as we are close to roads, thorny bushes and other local hazards.

  • In particular, children must not enter the car park area at the front of the building unaccompanied, due to traffic movements.

  • Children should not enter the kitchen area unaccompanied due to hot liquids and cleaning materials.

  • All children must go to the toilet accompanied by Parent or Guardian, as these facilities are close to the main front entrance of the building.

  • No child should be left alone with another adult that is unconnected to them, without prior permission from the Parent or Guardian.

  • Children should be aware of the dangers associated with various scouting and building materials at the site, and should not play on or with them.

  • There is an associated danger of injury from the sporting equipment in use, such as bats, ropes and nets and children must be supervised when using them.

  • Be aware of any strangers on site and alert the instructor ASAP of any suspicion or concerns.

  • Children must not collect sharp objects and must wash hands after the sessions (in particular, at home before eating).

  • Children may fall over, so take extra care when running.

  • In order to safeguard all children, we would normally expect Parents and Guardians to provide the required emotional and physical support to the children in their care during the sessions.

  • We have a duty of care and will take any allegations of abuse, including bullying, neglect emotional harm and physical assault very seriously.

  • There are two fire exits in the building, the main entrance and garden doors. The fire muster point is the front car park.

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