Fun multi-skills sports classes for 2 to 4 years
 Fun multi-skills sports classes for 2 to 4 years

Our Purpose

At Busy Bodies we believe passionately in keeping children fit, healthy and happy. We use an easy-access, multi-sport approach to achieve this:

  • To provide a range of accessible, sports-themed activities for pre-school children from 2 to 4 years of age.

  • To provide physical exercise, in a fun environment, to children of all ability levels.

  • To foster a positive ongoing attitude towards sport, inspiring children towards greater involvement in physical activities as they grow and develop.

  • To help children develop other social skills, such as sharing, cooperation, caring and fair play.

Our Method

  • Multiple 40-minute weekly sessions at the Log Cabin (Scout Hut), Stockbridge Road, Winchester.
  • A mix of easy-access indoor and outdoor sports-themed activities and games.

  • Use of appropriate sports equipment and other resources to meet the needs of varying ages and abilities.

  • Pre-planned lessons, tailored during the sessions to meet individual needs.

  • Content changes week-to-week to bring variety.

  • Parents and Guardians need to remain with their children (up to 2) at all times for legal reasons.

  • Up to 10 children, 2-years-old or greater, participating per session.

  • Children under 2 may be able to take part where appropriate, under Parent / Guardian supervision, at the sole discretion of the group leader.

  • We are trained professionals and will assume control of the sessions, but we do ask that Parents and Guardians do their bit to ensure that their children listen to the instructions, behave appropriately and observe the rules to ensure their full safety and enjoyment, and that of all other participants.

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